Things you should know before owning a used car for sale in abu dhabi

From where to get used cars for sale in abu dhabi:

Jamal Younes had been running a used car showroom for eight years on Airport road in Abu Dhabi before moving his business to MotorWorld.Motorworld is an automotive development by Aldar properties that aims to bring used car for sale in abu dhabi just under one roof. Motor world is basically situated in Shamkhah nearly 15 minutes from Abu Dhabi International Airport. On the other hand, the one stop shop destination for the sale and purchase of used cars is not fully developed yet, it has actually left business owners struggling for buyers in a place that is unpopular and usually outside of the city.

Problems solved by Motorworld:

Used cars dealers like Younes were driven out of city and to Motorworld not only to help in creating a strong cluster for used car industry in abu dhabi but also helps in solving various major issues like creating parking issues in residential areas. It was not only a burden for those residential areas but it has basically also deprived the community from having right facilities in place explained by Talal Al Dhiyebi, Director of planning and infrastructure. Major problems like parking of usedcar for sale in abu dhabi were solved by Motorworld.

Finalize selling and purchasing transactions:

When buyers come to check used car for sale in abu dhabi, there is no place on site to inspect or check it, there is no insurance or banking units to finalize the selling and purchasing transactions and most important of all is that there is no such traffic department here to facilitate the procedures said Khaled Awad Al Saadi, owner of Al Nilain showroom in abu dhabi. Business owners are basically calling for more publicity and improved directional signs to the site from Abu dhabi to the project in hopes of improving their own business.

Wheeler dealers of used cars for sale in abu dhabi:

Usually it looks like that Abu Dhabi residents who actually buy and sell cars, Sharjah and Dubai are still the places to visit. Many residents of Abu dhabi have claimed that they get used car at cheaper rates in Dubai and Sharjah. Everyone knows that if you want to buy a perfect used car, then you must go to Sharjah so that you can get best car deals.

What experts says about owning a used car for sale in abu dhabi:

For most new motorists, to buy a new car is almost impossible. There is no doubt that a new car is convenient and you don’t need to worry about car breaking down, but they are often too expensive for a beginner driver to afford. If we have a look at some show rooms around Dubai, many are offering economy cars commanding prices ranging from Dh50,000 and above. So most of residents of abu dhabi opt to buy a preowned or second handcar because they are usually cheaper than new cars. Owning a usedcar for sale in abu dhabi is one of best options that one can use in order to stay in your means and control the finances.

Data provided by Thomas Edelman:

According to data given by Thomas Edelman, founder and managing director of road safety UAE 78.1 percent of UAE residents have claimed that they would prefer buying used cars. Buying a used or second hand car is cheaper than getting a new one but it has various disadvantages also-primarily on the condition of the car and the way it was treated by the previous owner. So, here are some of the things you should care before buying used car for sale in abu dhabi.

How to crunch the numbers?

Buyers of used cars must get the pre-owned car history said by Thomas Edelman. It is also very important to get the car inspected by the mechanic. Buyers also should make a thorough research on market value of used car and should also consider its resale value. One of the most important thing that buyers of used car for sale need to take care of is that car’s chassis, engine and VIN numbers must tally with the car’s documents.

Look at car’s condition:

Before buying or purchasing used car for sale in abu dhabi, you should properly check how car looks. To start looking at car properly start right off the gate and then checking for any dents, scratches and dings. All of these things might be used to drive the price a little lower since most of dents demand a lot of cost to repair them. Apart from the bodywork of used car, don’t forget to examine the tyres and brakes thoroughly. Make sure that all of the four tyres should be of same brand.

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