T-Shirt Printing Designs For Geeks

T-shirts are the very best mediums to specific who you actually are. Whether or not you might be younger and flirty, darkish and sassy, or simply plain robust, designing the t-shirt and printing it should reveal what you actually really feel or assume. For the geeky and the geek-at-heart, there are a couple of t-shirt printing art work that simply places a giant smile on one’s face. Listed here are the highest ten t-shirt printing art work for geeks mens hip hop clothing.

There’s No Place Like 127.zero.zero.1
Any pc geek will instantly know what the textual content means. The IP deal with 127.zero.zero.1 is the usual IP for the native host. And the native host is often referred to as Dwelling. So the textual content really reads: “There isn’t any place like Dwelling.”

Geek Love Poem
This shirt is definitely candy, if you consider it. However then, solely geek ladies would discover the hex codes for colours candy and romantic. The geeky love poem reads: “Roses are #FF0000; Violets are #0000FF; All My Base Are Belong To You.” The final line refers to an Web Meme that unfold in 2000 to 2002, originating from the opening reduce scene of the 1991 European Sega Mega Drive model of the online game Zero Wing.

Steampunk designs
A geek will certainly admire a steampunk design on t-shirts. Any art work is nice so long as the within of an engine or clock is seen, full with all of the nuts and bolts. Steampunk refers back to the model and artwork genres that meld the Victorian period innovations with fashionable expertise. The steampunk science fiction and fantasy genres embody the works of HG Wells and Jules Verne.

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