How to Unlink Aadhaar from Paytm Bank Account

On 26th of September 2018, The Supreme Court of India passed an historic verdict which stated Aadhaar would not require for opening of new bank accounts or for linking of existing Paytm bank account aadhar number by name and date of birth.

But due to earlier judgments most of the Paytm bank account holders have already linked their Aadhaar with their Bank Account or those who opened Paytm bank account has opened it by providing Aadhaar Card, as bank at that time were saying Aadhaar is mandatory. So with the September 26th Judgment, those who have already linked Aadhaar might not be happy as they would need to go through again delinking Aadhaar from bank process.

It is not mandatory to delink Aadhaar from Paytm Bank, if bank holder wishes then he can keep it linked with bank account, but one doesn’t wants to keep it linked with bank account then he or she has a right to delink it from their bank account.

The Supreme Court of India, verdict states “The Aadhaar number holder may, at any time, revoke consent given to a KUA ((KYC user agency) for storing his e-KYC data or for sharing it with third parties, and upon such revocation, the KUA shall delete the e-KYC data and cease any further sharing.”

Below is the complete process on how to unlink Aadhaar from Paytm Bank Account.

Process on how to Unlink Aadhaar from Paytm Bank Account

Before you make up your mind to unlink Aadhaar from Paytm Bank, you should make sure that your Paytm Bank is not linked with Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme. If you try to delink Aadhaar from Direct Benefit Transfer Scheme enabled bank account then from next time your Gas Subsidy would not get credited into this bank account. So to again enable DBT that is Gas Subsidy to credit you will have to submit the application form of DBT again to link your bank account.

Till Date Paytm Bank has still not made the process to unlink Aadhaar from Paytm Bank Account public, neither on their website nor on their app as they used to for linking of Aadhaar.

But you can still request Paytm Bank to delink your Aadhaar Details from their database by submitting the request through Paytm Customer Care.

  1. Call Paytm Customer Care by dialing 01204456456
  2. Request the customer executive to send you Aadhaar Delinking email
  3. You will receive email on your Paytm registered email id which will ask you to send copy of your Aadhaar.
  4. You will have to reply back to that email by attaching your Aadhaar Copy.
  5. Once done, in next 48 hours you will receive revert back from Paytm regarding successful delinking of Aadhaar from your Paytm Bank Account.

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